Alliance Laboratory: GenPath Oncology

GenPath Oncology is a CLIA and CAP accredited national oncology diagnostic laboratory.

Our expertise in cancer diagnostics is unmatched, offering a comprehensive cancer patient workup in one laboratory. From routine clinical and special coagulation testing to complex genomic testing for tumor sequencing and hereditary cancer syndromes, the full spectrum of a cancer patient work-up is covered. GenPath is a division of BioReference Laboratories, an OPKO Health company, one of the largest clinical laboratories in the United States.

GenPath continually invests in new technology platforms as evidenced by our proprietary OnkoSight NGS assays, hereditary cancer tests, and GenArray aCGH technology.

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Tumor Sequencing Methodology

GenPath’s tumor sequencing technology, OnkoSight, is a custom-built assay and bioinformatics pipeline. The test concurrently sequences known, actionable mutations by next-generation sequencing. This technology sequences every DNA molecule in both directions for improved accuracy and is able to detect single nucleotide variants (SNV), insertions, deletions, complex insertion deletions (Indels), and amplification. OnkoSight panels are validated to a 4% limit of detection; this cutoff was set during validation by looking globally across our panels to eliminate false positives while ensuring 100% sensitivity.