Pediatric Tumor Panel

Test details
  • ALK
  • APC
  • DICER1
  • MEN1
  • MLH1
  • MSH2
  • MSH6
  • NF1
  • NF2
  • PHOX2B
  • PMS2
  • PTCH1
  • PTEN
  • RB1
  • RET
  • SUFU
  • TP53
  • TSC1
  • TSC2
  • VHL
  • WT1
Medical Speciality
  • Hereditary Cancer Syndromes
  • Brain Cancer
  • Colorectal Cancer
  • Renal Cancer
  • Thyroid Cancer
Clinical Utility
  • 1) The family history or tumor type is suggestive of a predisposition to pediatric cancer. The OncoGeneDx Pediatric Tumor Panel offers increased clinical sensitivity compared to testing only for the genes most commonly associated with pediatric cancer susceptibility. Furthermore, panel testing is more cost effective than stepwise genetic testing (for example, ordering TP53 testing followed by additional genetic testing, if negative).
  • 2) The differential diagnosis includes various hereditary cancer syndromes. For example, if the child’s personal and/or family history consists of multiple types of tumors or cancer such as a pediatric brain tumor in addition to a hematological malignancy, this may be associated with a cancer syndrome such as Li‐Fraumeni syndrome or CMMR‐D syndrome.
  • 3) Genetic testing has already been ordered due to a personal or family history suggestive of a hereditary cancer predisposition and all results have been negative. OncoGeneDx Pediatric Tumor Panel includes genes whose role in cancer predisposition has been described recently in addition to genes associated with classic hereditary cancer syndromes.
Test Code J318
Turn Around Time 3 weeks
Collection Instructions LAV: Fill lavender-top (EDTA) tube completely, invert 8-10 times. DO NOT SHAKE TUBE! LPB: Fill tube, invert gently 5-6 times, label with patient's name