Ordering a Test

The Northwell Health Core Laboratory will be the central location for testing offered through the Northwell Health Genomics Alliance (NWHGA). Below is an outline of the ordering and reporting process for Northwell Health affiliated institutions.


Test ordering through the Northwell Health Genomics Alliance is available through multiple avenues:
  • Paper requisitions.
  • CareEvolve, BioReference’s online ordering and reporting system. To receive your CareEvolve login information,please email: TechSupport@BioReference.com.
  • The EMR, for tests that are interfaced. The tests that are interfaced are those that are most commonly ordered: carrier screens, NIPT, hereditary cancer testing, cardiology, neurology, and tumor sequencing.

Paper requisitions and CareEvolve requisitions should be sent with the specimen(s) to the Core Laboratory.

Specimen Logistics

Specimens that originate at any Northwell Health affiliated institution will be picked up by Northwell Health couriers and delivered to the Core Laboratory. If testing is requested that is offered through the NWHGA, the Core Lab will re-direct those specimens the same day to BioReference Laboratories, located in Elmwood Park, NJ.

Turnaround Time

The turnaround time for each test offered through the NWHGA is available on the test compendium. If you have any questions regarding the turnaround time for a specific patient case, please contact the Core Laboratory. The Core Laboratory’s and BioReference’s Customer Service Departments are fully integrated.


Testing that is interfaced will be reported directly from BioReference into the EMR. For testing that is not yet interfaced, the Core Laboratory will receive the patient reports and will manually enter the data into the EMR so that all Northwell Health affiliated institutions receive their patient results via the EMR. If a Northwell Health physician would also like to view the PDF report provided by BioReference, these will be available in the BioReference online ordering and reporting system, CareEvolve. To receive your CareEvolve login information, please email: TechSupport@BioReference.com.